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Meet the Parents

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They Call Me El Foosay


Lester Speight

Calvin Scott is the father of Vanessa Scott, the father-in-law of Junior Kyle, the maternal grandfather of Junior, Jr and the husband of Jasmine Scott. He's first appearance is in the season 3 episode Meet the Parents.

Personality Edit

He is usually shown in the series intimidating Michael. Michael always tries to stand up to him but stutters and just miserably fails.The reason why he fails is because he is a very huge and tall man. He is shown to have a sweaty head when he has emotions and his wife cleans it up for him. According to Michael, he is a 362 pound, 5 feet 4 inches tall man. He is also shown to have a childish side when he sings the shoe advertisement. with Franklin in an episode. It is shown that he eats live meat, but Calvin is a childish, dimwitted, crybaby on the inside married to Jasmine, Calvin's disapproving and wealth-seeking wife. While Calvin's stupidity and immaturity annoys everyone else, Jasmine caters to it, and often treats him like a child. He hates the nickname 'Cal'.