Thru Thick and Thin





Directed By

James Widdoes

Written By

Alyson Fouse


October 17, 2001

Production #



Perfect Dad


Michael's Garden

This is the fifth episode of the second season.


Jay returns home from taking care of her mom with extra weight from eating her mom's cooking, and she is continuing to gain weight at home. Michael doesn't know how to 'diplomatically' tell his wife that she's gaining weight, so he goes to the doctor to see what he should do, even thought he doesn't like him, and is told that he has to change his focus from her size. He tries to change his focus, but eventually gives in and reminds Jay of her recent weight gain. Jay thinks that Michael is shallow and says that she should be loved no matter her size, and she reminds him that she fell in love with him for who he was. Michael, feeling guilty, agrees that if she wants to eat junk food, then he will eat with her.

That night, Jay has a bad dream in which she is seen carrying a pile of pancakes on one plate to complete a very large breakfast. When she sets them on the table, Michael enters the kitchen, his footsteps causing the house to shake. In the dream, Michael is morbidly obese with a double chin, a flabby chest and bulging thighs, and his belly is enormous. He complains about coming down the stairs and says that on the way down, he ate Kady's goldfish, which upsets Jay. Then he wakes up the children using the bacon plate and a pig call. Jr. and Claire waddle to the kitchen and have to squeeze through the doorway as they have also become obese. Jr. has a double chin, a massive belly, and a wide waist. Claire also has a double chin and plump cheeks, bulging thighs, and her belly is hanging out of her shirt.

Michael compliments Jr. for his immense weight gain, then playfully teases Claire with a strip of bacon before letting her eat it. Then Claire lifts up her chubby belly to reveal her new belly button piercing, but she can't find it because her belly button is so deep. Claire feels for her piercing when Michael finds his cellphone in her rolls of fat, and then Claire joins her family at the table. As they eat, Michael and the kids are breathing heavily and stuffing their faces, even fighting over the food, which makes Jay tells then that they should all go on diets. Michael disagrees and shows the kids a magazine with a skinny model on the cover. It disgusts them, and they agree that they want to be fat and eat all they want. Then a morbidly obese Kady enters the kitchen, rolling across the floor due to her weight gain and saying "Feed me! Feed me!" over and over. Jay has to lift Kady onto Michael's lap, and he begins feeding her too.

When Jay wakes up, she tells Michael about her dream and that she doesn't want him or their kids to end up becoming obese and unhealthy. She decides that she wants to be a good influence and eat healthy, and in the end, Jay's bad dream is prevented from occurring.


Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle

Parker McKenna Posey as Kady Kyle

Tisha Campbell as Jay Kyle

George O. Gore II as Michael Kyle Jr.

Jennifer Freeman as Claire Kyle